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_Most Sixes in ODI Cricket

Cricket, a sport synonymous with thrilling action and spectacular performances, has witnessed some extraordinary batting over the years, especially in One Day Internationals (ODIs). Among the various feats, hitting sixes stands out as a spectacle of power and skill. Let’s dive into the world of ODI cricket and celebrate the top 5 batsmen who have hit the “Most Sixes In ODI Cricket”, leaving fans in awe with every swing of their bat.

Top 5 Batsman with Most Sixes In ODI

1Shahid AfridiPakistan7303513983698,06412463923.57
2Chris GayleWest Indies1,12833130129410,480215255437.83
3Rohit SharmaIndia99432326225410,709264315549.12
4Sanath JayasuriyaSri Lanka1,50027044543313,430189286832.36
5MS DhoniIndia82622935029710,773183*107350.57

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

Shahid Afridi, also known as ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi, tops this prestigious list. Representing Pakistan, Afridi hit a staggering 351 sixes in his ODI career. He played 398 matches, scoring 8,064 runs with a highest score of 124. Afridi was not just about power-hitting; he also contributed with 6 centuries and 39 fifties, maintaining an average of 23.57. His aggressive batting style and ability to change the game within a few overs made him a cricketing legend.

Chris Gayle (West Indies)

Chris Gayle, the charismatic West Indian opener, is second with 331 sixes. In his 301-match ODI career, Gayle scored 10,480 runs, including the highest individual score of 215. Known for his destructive batting, he has 25 centuries and 54 fifties to his name, boasting an average of 37.83. Gayle’s fearless approach to batting has entertained fans worldwide and set new standards in power-hitting.

Rohit Sharma (India)

Rohit Sharma, one of India’s finest batsmen, has smashed 323 sixes in his ODI career. In 262 matches, Sharma amassed 10,709 runs with an incredible highest score of 264. He has a remarkable 31 centuries and 55 fifties, with an impressive average of 49.12. Known for his elegant yet powerful batting, Sharma has redefined opening in the modern era of cricket.

Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)

Sanath Jayasuriya, the Sri Lankan all-rounder, hit 270 sixes in ODIs. Over his 445-match career, he scored 13,430 runs, with 189 being his highest score. Jayasuriya, with 28 centuries and 68 fifties, averaged 32.36. His aggressive batting at the top of the order revolutionized the approach to opening batting in ODIs.

MS Dhoni (India)

MS Dhoni, India’s former captain and wicketkeeper-batsman, stands fifth with 229 sixes. In 350 ODIs, Dhoni scored 10,773 runs, with his highest being an unbeaten 183. He has 10 centuries and 73 fifties to his name, averaging an impressive 50.57. Known for his calm and calculated approach, Dhoni’s ability to finish matches with his powerful hitting has made him a cricketing icon.


These five legends of ODI cricket have not only entertained fans with their six-hitting prowess but have also left an indelible mark on the sport. Their extraordinary skills, strength, and consistency have made ODI cricket a thrilling spectacle. As we celebrate their achievements, it’s clear that they have set the bar high for future generations of cricketers.

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