Dinesh Karthik Highest Score – 129 Against Bangladesh

Dinesh Karthik Highest Score

As cricket aficionados, we have been privileged to witness several exceptional talents emerge from the Indian cricketing panorama. One such phenomenal player is Dinesh Karthik. This blog post provides an in-depth account of Dinesh Karthik highest score in his cricketing journey. We’ll focus on Dinesh Karthik’s highest score in IPL, test cricket, and his overall best performance.

Dinesh Karthik: A Snapshot

Born on 1st June 1985, Dinesh Karthik has been a vital cog in the wheel of Indian cricket. Known for his brilliant wicket-keeping skills, solid middle-order batting, and flair for the big stage, he has been instrumental in several Indian cricketing victories. Now let’s dive into the cricketing journey of Dinesh Karthik, highlighting his highest scores.

Dinesh Karthik Highest Score in Test Cricket

Dinesh Karthik Highest Score in Test Cricket

Karthik’s highest score in Test cricket was achieved against Bangladesh in 2007. Here is a quick look at the performance:


Karthik crafted a sublime 129 off 212 deliveries against Bangladesh, showcasing his ability to adapt and perform in the longer format of the game. His composed century underlined his skill and tenacity, solidifying his place in the team.

Dinesh Karthik Highest Score in IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some electrifying performances from Dinesh Karthik. His highest score in IPL came in the match against Rajasthan Royals in 2020:

IPLRajasthan RoyalsEden Gardens97*2020

This match witnessed Karthik, the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders at the time, blasting a blistering 97* off just 50 balls. His audacious stroke play mesmerized the Eden Gardens crowd and proved his mettle in the world’s toughest T20 league.

Dinesh Karthik Best Score in ODIs

Karthik’s ODI career has been decorated with some phenomenal innings. His highest score came against Sri Lanka:

ODISri LankaKolkata79*2009

His unbeaten 79 against Sri Lanka was an innings that exemplified Dinesh’s ability to soak in pressure and guide the team to victory.

Significant Moments

Let’s take a brief look at some of the most significant innings from Dinesh Karthik.

  • 129 against Bangladesh (2007): In the challenging conditions of Mirpur, Dinesh Karthik’s highest score in Test cricket stood out. His knock was filled with technical brilliance, composure, and concentration.
  • 97 against Rajasthan Royals (2020):* This was a memorable IPL match where Dinesh Karthik showcased his T20 prowess. With his highest score in IPL, he almost single-handedly took his team to a defendable total.
  • 79 against Sri Lanka (2009):* His highest ODI score underlined his mettle in limited-overs cricket.

What are some of the memorable performances by Dinesh Karthik?

Some of Dinesh Karthik’s most memorable performances include his highest score of 129 in Test cricket against Bangladesh in 2007, his unbeaten 97 in the IPL against Rajasthan Royals in 2020, and his ODI best of 79* against Sri Lanka in 2009. His last-ball six to win the 2018 Nidahas Trophy against Bangladesh is another unforgettable moment.

What is Dinesh Karthik’s highest score in Test cricket?

Dinesh Karthik’s highest score in Test cricket is 129, which he scored against Bangladesh in Mirpur in 2007.


From his highest score in Test cricket to his sensational IPL innings, Dinesh Karthik has proved his cricketing versatility. The numbers speak for themselves, but they don’t fully capture the player’s tenacity, skill, and brilliance. His performances have etched an indelible mark in the annals of cricket, and the journey of Dinesh Karthik’s highest score is a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of cricket.

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What is Dinesh Karthik’s highest score in the IPL?

Karthik’s highest score in the IPL is an unbeaten 97. He achieved this while playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders against the Rajasthan Royals in 2020 at Eden Gardens.

What is Dinesh Karthik’s best score in ODI cricket?

Dinesh Karthik’s best score in ODI cricket is an unbeaten 79, which he scored against Sri Lanka in Kolkata in 2009.

How many centuries has Dinesh Karthik scored in his international career?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Dinesh Karthik has scored one century in Test cricket. For the most updated stats, please refer to a reliable sports database.

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