Shivam Mavi: The Rising Star of IPL

shivam mavi highest wickets in ipl

Shivam Mavi, a name that resonates with potential and promise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has consistently upped his game, showcasing an impressive bowling prowess. With each passing season, he’s carved a niche for himself among the league’s promising fast bowlers. Notably, Mavi’s highest wickets in an IPL season underscore his ability to dismantle batting line-ups with his speed and accuracy, making him a crucial asset to his team. His record of highest wickets is a testament to his evolving skill set and strategic approach to the game, marking him as a player to watch in the tournament.

Who is Shivam Mavi?

Shivam Mavi is an Indian cricketer who plays for the Ahmedabad franchise in the Indian Premier League. Shivam Mavi was born on Nov 26, 1998; and as of 2024, he is 26 years old. Shivam Mavi is an all-rounder from Noida, Uttar Pradesh and bats right handed and bowls fast seam. He made his IPL debut in 2018.

Shivam mavi IPL auction price history

Shivam Mavi’s IPL auction price journey mirrors his growing prominence in cricket. Initially, Kolkata secured him for 3.00 Cr, where he stayed until 2021. His value surged to 7.25 Cr in 2022 with Kolkata, later moving to Gujarat and Lucknow, highlighting his escalating market demand and the increasing faith franchises have in his abilities.

20183.00 CrKolkata
20193.00 CrKolkata
20203.00 CrKolkata
20213.00 CrKolkata
20227.25 CrKolkata
20236.00 CrGujarat
20246.40 CrLucknow

Shivam Mavi Highest Wickets in IPL

Shivam Mavi, a young and promising fast bowler, has made a significant impact in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with his highest wicket-taking performance in a single season.

Shivam Mavi has played 32 matches to date in his IPL career and has scored 51 runs, with an average of 5.67. With his highest IPL score being 20 runs. Shivam Mavi has hit 4 fours and 2 sixes in his IPL career.
In the IPL Auction 2024, the Lucknow franchise acquired the services of Shivam Mavi for Rs 6.40 Cr. On May 2022, he played his last IPL match against Lucknow at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune, India, scoring 1 runs off 2 balls.

His contributions have not only been pivotal in steering his team’s successes but also highlighted him as a rising star in the cricketing world. Mavi’s performance in the IPL showcases his potential as a formidable bowler, deserving of attention for his aggressive bowling and strategic game play.


Over four IPL seasons, the bowler’s performance showcases a journey of consistent involvement and impactful play. Participating in 32 matches, they’ve bowled over 108 overs, claiming 30 wickets with an average of 31.40 and an economy rate of 8.71. Highlighting their capability was a best single-match figure of 4/21 in 2021, along with securing a four-wicket haul, demonstrating their ability to deliver significant breakthroughs and contribute crucially to their team’s bowling attack.

All IPL3232108.19423031.408.714/2110

Shivam Mavi IPL 2023: A Season to Remember

The IPL 2023 season was a defining moment for Shivam Mavi, marking a significant milestone in his cricketing career. With an enhanced display of pace, precision, and tactical acumen, Mavi emerged as a standout performer, captivating audiences and cricket enthusiasts alike. His ability to consistently challenge and outmaneuver batsmen played a pivotal role in his team’s success, making every match a testament to his growth and potential. This season, Mavi not only solidified his reputation as a promising young talent in the Indian Premier League but also set a new benchmark for aspiring bowlers, making IPL 2023 a season to remember for his remarkable achievements.

Batting and fielding

The batting and fielding statistics reveal a glimpse into a player’s IPL journey from 2018 to 2022. With 32 matches played, the player has amassed 51 runs, showing modest batting with a highest score of 20 and a strike rate of 91.07. In the field, they’ve secured 16 catches, indicating a solid defensive contribution.

All IPL3212351205.6791.070042160

Shivam Mavi Stats

Shivam Mavi’s stats over the years in the IPL paint a picture of a bowler who has grown in confidence and skill. With each season, his ability to adapt to different batsmen and conditions has improved, reflected in his increasing wicket tally and his reduced economy rate, highlighting his evolution as a bowler in the league.

The Future Looks Bright

Shivam Mavi: A Prospect for Indian Cricket

Shivam Mavi’s performances in the IPL have not just made him a vital player for his team but have also put him on the radar for national selection. His pace, coupled with his ability to swing the ball, makes him an exciting prospect for Indian cricket, with many looking forward to his inclusion in the national squad.

Exploring Future Directions

Shivam Mavi’s IPL journey is only starting. Demonstrating significant improvement each season, his ambition to succeed at top levels shines through. His ongoing development in skills and strategy refinement promises a bright future. As a young fast bowler, Mavi’s potential is immense, signaling he’s a rising star in cricket. His dedication and progress hint at an exciting and promising career ahead in the cricketing world.


Shivam Mavi represents the next generation of Indian fast bowlers who have made their mark through the IPL. His journey from a promising young talent to becoming one of the key bowlers in the tournament is a story of hard work, perseverance, and relentless pursuit of excellence. With Shivam Mavi highest wickets in IPL as a highlight of his growing career, he stands as a testament to the talent and potential that the IPL continues to nurture and bring to the forefront of Indian cricket. As we look forward to more seasons, Shivam Mavi’s journey is one to watch, as he aims to scale new heights and carve his niche in the cricketing world.

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