Highest Wicket-Taker in T20 | Top 10 Bowlers with Most Wickets

Highest Wicket-Taker in T20

T20 cricket, known for its fast-paced and thrilling matches, has always been a battleground for bowlers to showcase their skills amidst the fireworks of the batsmen. Today, we dive into the world of T20 cricket’s most successful bowlers, focusing on the “highest wicket-taker in T20” and celebrating their achievements that have left an indelible mark on the sport.

The Pinnacle of Bowling Success

In the realm of T20 cricket, becoming the highest wicket-taker is a monumental achievement, reflecting consistency, skill, and an uncanny ability to outfox the best in the business. This accolade is not just about the numbers but the moments of brilliance that these bowlers have brought to the field, making every match unforgettable.

The Champions of the T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup, a spectacle of cricketing prowess, has seen some of the best bowling performances. The “T20 World Cup highest wicket-taker” title is a coveted one, representing a bowler’s dominance in one of the most competitive arenas. In 2022, the highest wicket-taker in the T20 World Cup showcased exceptional talent, leading their team with every delivery.

Top 10 Most Wicket Taker in T20 Format 

Top 10 Bowlers with most wickets
Player Names MatOversMdnsRunsWktsBBI
TG Southee (NZ)123446.5636351575/18
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)117422.3328691405/20
IS Sodhi (NZ)111 379.530481324/28
Rashid Khan (AFG/ICC)82 312.2119251305/3
MJ Santner (NZ)100 345.2224571114/11
SL Malinga (SL)84 299.5122251075/6
AU Rashid (ENG)104 365.2426981074/2
Mustafizur Rahman (BAN)88 311.4623381055/22
Shadab Khan (PAK)92 325.1323011044/8
PW Hasaranga (SL)64 232.4115871024/9

Who holds the record for the most wickets in T20 cricket history?

The team that has taken the most wickets in the history of T20, which is at No-1, is the Saudi team of New Zealand which is on top with 157 wickets in 123 T20 matches. Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan is the second highest wicket-taker in T20 history after the Saudi team. Shakib Al Hasan took 140 wickets in 117 T20 matches and his average was 20.49. Shakib Al Hasan took 4 or more wickets 5 times. in t20 match.

Who has scored the highest runs in T20 cricket history?

In terms of batsmen who have scored the highest run-scorer in T20I cricket, India’s Virat Kohli is the first to score the most runs in T20 International with 4,037 runs or has made his name in T20 cricket history. His consistent and match-winning performances, making him one of the greatest batsmen in T20I cricket history.

Which Indian bowler has taken 100 wickets in T20 cricket?

India’s star leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is known for his brilliant bowling and has achieved the feat of taking 96 wickets in T20I cricket. His leg-spin bowling has been important in many of India’s victories. Which has been very important in T20

Who has hit the most centuries in T20 cricket history?

Rohit Sharma is one of the greatest players of T20 cricket who has made the record of scoring most centuries in T20 with 5 centuries. Which is the highest number of centuries scored by any batsman in the history of T-20. His ability to score big and turn matches in India’s favor has earned him a top spot in the T20 records.

Who is the leading wicket-taker in One Day International (ODI) cricket history?

Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan holds the record for taking most wickets in ODI cricket. His exceptional spin bowling has helped him get the top ranking in ODI cricket.

Has any bowler taken 7 wickets in an ODI match?

Yes, many bowlers have taken 7 wickets in ODI matches. In which the name of Chaminda Vaas of Sri Lanka is notable, who took 8 wickets for just 19 runs against Zimbabwe, which is considered one of the best bowling performances in ODI cricket.

Who has taken 10 wickets in a single innings of a Test match?

Anil Kumble achieved the remarkable feat of taking all 10 wickets in a single innings of a Test match. It is a matter of great pride for India that he took 10 wickets for 74 runs against Pakistan in 1999 and made his name as the second player in the history of cricket after England’s Jim Laker to do so. this is something to be proud of Indian cricket team.

Who has taken 6 wickets in a single over in any format?

Australian club cricketer Gareth Morgan’s team almost lost. Then with his extraordinary bowling skills, Gareth Morgan took six wickets in the last over and dismissed six batsmen to give his team victory.

Who is the Highest Wicket Taker in IPL?

The highest wicket taker in the history of the Indian Premier League is Yuzvendra Chahal. Who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians.
And Yuzvendra Chahal has taken 187 wickets in 145 matches and is one of the highest wicket takers in IPL.

Fastest 100 Wickets in T20

Achieving 100 wickets in T20 cricket is a milestone that every bowler aspires to reach. Those who have reached this milestone in record time are celebrated not just for their ability to take wickets but for changing the course of the game with their performances. Chris Gayle set the record for the quickest century in T20 cricket by scoring 100 runs in just 30 balls. This happened during a match against Pune in the 2013 Indian T20 League. The fastest 100 wickets in T20 is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Legends of 2022

Bilal Khan stood out in the T20 World Cup 2022 by taking the most wickets, a total of 43, in the year 2022. His amazing bowling throughout the tournament has made a big mark in cricket history. Khan’s journey shows excellent bowling skills and sets a high example for new cricket players to follow.

A Legacy That Inspires

The legacy of the leading wicket-taker in T20 and the leading wicket-taker in the T20 World Cup 2022 extends beyond the cricket field. It is a story of passion, perseverance and a competitive spirit that shows us that the path to success How to face the coming challenges. These ballplayers have set an example for future generations, showing how greatness can be achieved by consistently pursuing your dreams and overcoming struggles.

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