Fastest Century in ODI Cricket – AB Devilliers (Latest Updated)

Fastest Century In ODI Cricket

One-Day International (ODI) cricket has witnessed numerous breathtaking performances, but nothing quite matches the thrill of the fastest centuries. The fastest century in ODI cricket is not just about scoring runs; it’s a showcase of aggression, technique, and extraordinary skill.

Understanding the Fastest Century in ODI

A century in cricket refers to a batsman scoring 100 runs in a single innings. The fastest century in ODI is measured by the number of balls faced to reach this milestone. This record is a testament to a player’s scoring ability under pressure.

Top 5 Fastest Century in ODI Cricket

AB de Villiers14931169South Africa v West IndiesJohannesburg18/01/2015
CJ Anderson131*36146New Zealand v West IndiesQueenstown01/01/2014
Shahid Afridi10237116Pakistan v Sri LankaNairobi04/10/1996
Glenn Maxwell1064089Australia v NetherlandsDelhi25/10/2023
Asif Khan101*41114UAE v NepalKirtipur16/03/2023

These are the top 5 fastest centuries in ODI cricket, let us also have a look at the Fastest century in T20 cricket.

AB de Villiers Historic Blitz

AB de Villiers’ remarkable innings of 149 runs against the West Indies in Johannesburg is one of cricket’s most extraordinary feats. He achieved this incredible score from just 31 balls, showcasing aggressive batting with 16 sixes and 9 fours. De Villiers’ century, in only 31 balls, redefined what was thought possible in ODI cricket and left fans and critics in awe of his talent.

Corey Anderson Power Saga

Corey Anderson’s explosive performance against the West Indies in Queenstown was unforgettable. He scored an unbeaten 131 runs from only 36 balls, characterized by powerful hitting with 14 sixes and 6 fours. Anderson’s century, achieved in just 36 balls, showcased his formidable striking ability and made a significant impact in the world of ODI cricket.

Shahid Afridi’s Rapid Fire

Shahid Afridi’s legendary innings of 102 runs against Sri Lanka in Nairobi is remembered for its sheer aggression and speed. Afridi, known for his explosive batting style, hit 11 sixes and 6 fours. His rapid century, achieved in just 37 balls, set a record at the time and solidified his reputation as one of cricket’s most dynamic hitters.

Glenn Maxwell’s Batting Brilliance

Glenn Maxwell’s innings of 106 runs against the Netherlands in Delhi displayed his remarkable batting skills. Hitting 8 sixes and 9 fours, Maxwell’s century, scored in just 40 balls, highlighted his ability to dominate the bowling attack and his status as a key player in the Australian batting lineup.

Asif Khan’s Breakthrough Performance

Asif Khan’s breakthrough performance for the UAE against Nepal in Kirtipur was a significant achievement. He scored an unbeaten 101 runs from 41 balls, including 11 sixes and 4 fours. This century, achieved in 41 balls, marked a personal milestone for Khan and brought attention to the growing cricketing prowess in the UAE.

Key Factors Contributing to Fastest Century in ODI

  • Aggressive Batting: The willingness to take risks and play big shots.
  • Mental Toughness: The ability to handle pressure and stay focused.
  • Technical Skill: Good hand-eye coordination and an understanding of the game’s dynamics.


The record of the fastest century in ODI cricket is not just a number. It represents a blend of aggression, skill, and the spirit of cricket. As the game evolves, this record stands as a benchmark for batsmen around the world.

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