Hardik Pandya Highest Score In T20 – 71* (30) Against Australia

hardik pandya highest score in t20

When it comes to sheer aggression and power-hitting, the name Hardik Pandya is right at the top of the list in international cricket. He has proved his mettle numerous times and made substantial contributions in the T20 format. But, which one stands as Hardik Pandya highest score in T20? Let’s delve into the record books and relive that incredible innings. Although Hardik Pandya has played 90 T20 matches and he made 1299 runs, with that Hardik highest score in T20 is 71. However, Pandya does not have any centuries in his T20 Career but he has 3 T20 half-centuries.

Hardik Pandya: The Rising Star

Hardik Pandya The Rising Star

Hardik Pandya, an Indian cricketer known for his explosive batting and versatile bowling, made a notable impression in the cricket world shortly after his debut in 2015. He is primarily recognized for his match-winning performances in the T20 format, both domestically and internationally.

Hardik Pandya, is a prolific power-hitter in the T20 format.

Hardik Pandya Highest Score In T20

The highest score of hardik pandya in T20 cricket came during a match in the Indian Premier League (IPL), a highly competitive domestic T20 tournament recognized worldwide. This particular match, brimming with adrenaline and excitement, was between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in 2019. In this unforgettable encounter, Pandya produced a career-defining performance.

unforgettable encounter, Pandya produced a career-defining performance.

Match DetailsData
MatchMI vs KKR, IPL 2019
VenueEden Gardens, Kolkata
Date28th April 2019
Hardik Pandya’s Score91 runs

Pandya came to the crease when his team, Mumbai Indians, was in a tricky position chasing a mammoth total set by KKR. What unfolded next was a power-hitting spectacle, with Pandya single-handedly trying to pull his team out of the ditch.

In this innings, he scored an astonishing 91 runs off just 34 balls, making it the hardik pandya highest score in T20 cricket. His blistering knock consisted of six boundaries and nine monstrous sixes, bringing the crowd to its feet.

Significant Highlight Innings Of Hardik Pandya Best Score

The Hardik Pandya highest score in T20 innings was not just about the runs, but the context and the manner in which they were scored. The sheer audacity of his shots, the brutality of his power-hitting, and the fearless approach he exhibited throughout his innings were all elements that made this knock unforgettable.

The situation was dire when Pandya arrived at the crease, with Mumbai Indians reeling at 58 for 4, chasing a colossal target of 233. Many had written off the Mumbai team at this stage, but Pandya had other plans.

Hardik Pandya during his explosive innings against KKR.

Below is a brief breakdown of the thrilling innings:

OverRuns ScoredDescription
10th16 RunsPandya announced his arrival at the crease with back-to-back boundaries off Piyush Chawla.
14th21 RunsUnleashing his power, Pandya smacked Prasidh Krishna for three sixes in a single over.
16th20 RunsThe onslaught continued as Sunil Narine was hit for two sixes and two fours.
18th16 RunsIn the high-pressure 18th over, Pandya dispatched Russell for a couple of massive sixes.

In spite of a valiant effort, Pandya’s heroic innings couldn’t steer Mumbai Indians to victory. Nevertheless, his exceptional knock firmly established his place as one of the best finishers in T20 cricket, setting the highest score of hardik pandya.

Impact Of Hardik Pandya Best Score Innings

Although Mumbai Indians couldn’t cross the line, the knock was an embodiment of Pandya’s extraordinary talent and his propensity to handle pressure. It validated his position as a game-changer, capable of turning the tide in favor of his team, even in the bleakest of situations.

Hardik Pandya highest score in T20 innings showcased his unique ability to read the game situation, calculate the risks, and play the big shots. It amplified his reputation as a power hitter, propelling him to global acclaim.

How Has Hardik Pandya’s Highest T20 Score Impacted His Cricketing Career?

Hardik Pandya’s highest T20 score of 91 runs not only demonstrated his power-hitting capabilities but also validated his position as a game-changer. This inning propelled him to global acclaim, establishing him as one of the finest finishers in T20 cricket.

Did Mumbai Indians Win The Match In Which Hardik Pandya Scored His Highest T20 Score?

Despite Hardik Pandya’s blistering knock of 91 runs, Mumbai Indians couldn’t win the match against Kolkata Knight Riders. However, his innings remain memorable for its sheer power and audacity. Although know more about Indian players Haridk Pandya highest score in test and Ajinkya Rahane Highest Score In Test.


Hardik Pandya has come a long way since his T20 debut, with his name often echoing in cricket discussions globally. His 91-run innings against KKR in IPL 2019 remains etched as Hardik Pandya highest score in T20, demonstrating his audacious power-hitting and his skill to take the game away from opponents. As he continues his cricketing journey, fans across the globe look forward to more such enthralling performances.

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What is Hardik Pandya highest score in T20 cricket?

Hardik Pandya’s highest score in T20 cricket is 91 runs, achieved during an Indian Premier League match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders in 2019.

How many balls did it take for Hardik Pandya to score his highest T20 score?

Hardik Pandya scored his highest T20 score of 91 runs off just 34 balls, showcasing his phenomenal strike rate.

How many sixes and boundaries did Hardik Pandya hit during his highest T20 innings?

During his highest T20 score of 91 runs, Hardik Pandya hit six boundaries and nine sixes.

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