Rajasthan Royals Squad 2024: Complete List of RR Players

Rajasthan Royals Squad 2024

The Rajasthan Royals (RR), one of the favorite teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL), are ready to take the field in 2024. They’re known for playing smart cricket and have a huge fan following. Our article is here to give you all the details about the RR Squad for 2024. We’re just as excited as you are to see how they’ll perform this season!

Overview of RR Squad 2024

The RR Squad for 2024 is a blend of experienced players and promising newcomers. The team’s strength lies in its balanced composition, with formidable batsmen, skilled bowlers, and versatile all-rounders. The strategy for the 2024 season seems to focus on a mix of aggressive batting and strategic bowling, aiming to leverage the team’s diverse talents.

Key Players in the RR Squad 2024

Sanju Samson

  • As the captain and a wicketkeeper-batsman, Sanju Samson is the team’s linchpin. His leadership and batting skills will be crucial for the team’s success.

Jos Buttler

  • Buttler’s role as a wicketkeeper-batsman is pivotal. Known for his aggressive batting, he can change the game’s dynamics with his performance.

Trent Boult

  • Boult’s expertise in swing bowling adds a sharp edge to the team’s bowling attack, making him a key player to watch.

New Additions to the RR Squad in 2024

The new additions to the team bring fresh energy and potential. These players have been chosen for their specific skills and potential to enhance the team’s performance, adding depth to the batting and bowling lineup.

Table of New Players

Rovman PowellBatterRs. 7.4 crore
Shubham DubeyBatterRs. 5.80 crore
Tom Kohler-CadmoreBatter/Wicket keeperRs. 40 lakh
Abid MushtaqAll-rounderRs. 20 lakh
Nandre BurgerBowlerRs. 50 lakh

Complete List of Rajasthan Royals Squad

The RR Squad for 2024 includes a mix of seasoned players and exciting new talents. Each player brings a unique skill set, contributing to the team’s overall strength. The roster includes skilled batsmen, strategic bowlers, and all-rounders who have shown their prowess in previous IPL seasons. If you are an IPL Enthusiast, you can also more news related to IPL 2024 like KKR Squad 2024, MI Squad 2024, and IPL Auction 2024 Updates.

Sanju Samson (c)Batter/Wicket-keeper14 Crore
Jos ButtlerBatter/Wicket-keeper10 Crore
Prasidh KrishnaBowler10 Crore
Shimron HetmyerBatter8.5 Crore
Trent BoultBowler8 Crore
Yuzvendra ChahalBowler6.5 Crore
R AshwinAll-Rounder5 Crore
Yashasvi JaiswalBatter4 Crore
Riyan ParagAll-Rounder3.8 Crore
Navdeep SainiBowler2.6 Crore
Adam ZampaBowler1.6 Crore
Sandeep SharmaBowler50 Lakh
Donovan FerreiraBowler50 Lakh
Kuldeep SenBowler20 Lakh
Dhruv JurelBatter/wicketkeeper20 Lakh
Kunal Singh RathoreBatter/wicket-keeper20 Lakh
Rovman PowellBatter7.4 Crore
Shubham DubeyBatter5.8 Crore
Tom Kohler-CadmoreBatter/Wicket-keeper40 Lakh
Abid MushtaqAll-rounder20 Lakh
Nandre BurgerBowler50 Lakh

Squad Strength – 22 (Indian-14, Overseas-8)

Budget Remaining – INR – 20 lakh


Rajasthan Royals Squad for 2024 looks promising, with a balanced team ready to take on the challenges of the IPL season. Fans and followers are encouraged to support the team and follow their journey through what promises to be an exciting and competitive season of cricket.

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