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Most ODI Centuries For Pakistan (2)

Cricket, a sport that unites nations, is particularly celebrated in Pakistan for its thrilling matches and remarkable players. Among these, a few have etched their names in history with the “Most ODI Centuries For Pakistan.” Let’s delve into the careers of these top five legends.

Top 5 Most ODI Hundreds For Pakistan

PlayerSpanMatchesInningsNot OutsRunsHigh ScoreAvgBalls FacedStrike RateCenturiesFiftiesDucksFoursSixes
Saeed Anwar1989-200324724419882419439.211093880.6720431593897
Babar Azam2015-202311711413572915856.72645588.751932452060
Mohammad Yousuf1998-2010281267409554141*42.081275374.9115621577487
Fakhar Zaman2017-2023828163492210*46.56373793.441116639174
Mohammad Hafeez2003-2019218216156614140*32.90863376.61113819664110

Saeed Anwar: The Opening Maestro

Saeed Anwar, renowned for his elegant stroke play, dominated the ODI scene from 1989 to 2003. With 20 centuries, the highest being a remarkable 194, Anwar set a high bar for Pakistani openers. His ability to build innings while maintaining a strike rate of 80.67 makes him a true icon in “Most ODI Centuries For Pakistan.”

Babar Azam: The Modern-Day Great

Babar Azam, the current backbone of the Pakistani batting lineup, has already amassed 19 centuries with a stellar average of 56.72. Playing since 2015, his consistency and ability to play under pressure are exemplary. His highest score of 158 is a testament to his batting prowess. Also, you will learn more facts about Babar Azam like Babar Azam total centuries.

Mohammad Yousuf: The Stylish Run-Machine

From 1998 to 2010, Mohammad Yousuf was a pillar of reliability for Pakistan in ODIs. Scoring 15 centuries with an impressive average of 42.08, his innings were a blend of technical brilliance and elegance. His top score of 141* and his ability to anchor the innings make him a key figure in this list.

Fakhar Zaman: The Aggressive Opener

Fakhar Zaman, known for his aggressive batting, has been a revelation since his debut in 2017. In a short span, he has hit 11 centuries, including a high score of 210*. His strike rate of 93.44 indicates his ability to score quickly, making him a crucial player in modern ODI cricket.

Mohammad Hafeez: The Versatile All-Rounder

Mohammad Hafeez, with his all-round abilities, has been a mainstay in the Pakistani team from 2003 to 2019. He scored 11 centuries and was known for his ability to stabilize the innings. His high score of 140* and a strike rate of 76.61 reflect his adaptability in various match situations.

Understanding the Importance of ODI Centuries

ODI centuries, particularly in the context of Pakistani cricket, are not just a number. They symbolize resilience, skill, and the ability to perform under pressure. The “Most ODI Centuries For Pakistan” is a testament to the talent and dedication of these cricketers.


These top five players have not only achieved the “Most ODI Centuries For Pakistan” but have also inspired generations of cricketers. Their dedication, skill, and passion for the game have made them legends.

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