Most Ducks in IPL History – Dinesh Kartik

Most Ducks In IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not just about high scores and wickets, it’s also about the unpredictability and challenges batsmen face, sometimes leading to ducks. In this blog, we explore the most ducks in IPL history, an aspect that adds a twist to this exciting cricket league.

What Are Ducks in IPL?

Ducks in cricket refer to a batsman getting out without scoring any run. In the IPL, a high-profile tournament, ducks are noteworthy as they can turn the game’s tide.

Top 5 Most Ducks in IPL

PlayerMatches (Mat)Innings (Inn)Ducks100s50sRunsHighest Score
Dinesh Karthik24222117204,51697*
Rohit Sharma243238161426,211109*
Sunil Narine162961541,04675
Mandeep Singh111981561,70677*
Rashid Khan1095214144379*

Dinesh Karthik: The Unfortunate Record Holder

Dinesh Karthik, a seasoned campaigner in the IPL, tops this list with 17 ducks in his career. Despite this, he has played a whopping 242 matches, showing his resilience and importance to his teams. With 221 innings under his belt and scoring over 4,500 runs, including 20 half-centuries, Karthik has proved his mettle as a reliable middle-order batsman. His highest score of 97* is a testament to his batting prowess.

Rohit Sharma: The Hitman with a Twist

Rohit Sharma, renowned for his elegant batting and leadership, has had his share of lows with 16 ducks in 243 matches. However, Sharma’s impact in the IPL is undeniable. He has amassed over 6,200 runs, including a century and 42 fifties, showcasing his ability to bounce back. His highest score of 109* epitomizes his class as a top-order batsman.

Sunil Narine: The All-Rounder’s Struggle

Sunil Narine, primarily known for his magical spin bowling, has also experienced batting woes with 15 ducks in his IPL journey. Playing 162 matches and batting in 96 innings, Narine has a modest run tally of over 1,000 runs. Although not a regular batsman, his highest score of 75 reflects his potential to contribute crucial runs.

Mandeep Singh: Consistency Amidst Ups and Downs

Mandeep Singh, a talented batsman, has seen 15 ducks in his IPL career. In 111 matches and 98 innings, he has scored over 1,700 runs, including 6 fifties. His highest score of 77* shows his ability to play substantial innings. Mandeep’s highest score of 77* not only highlights his batting skills but also his potential to anchor innings and steer his team through tough situations.

Rashid Khan: The Bowling Maestro with Batting Blues

Lastly, Rashid Khan, a bowling genius, has been dismissed for a duck 14 times. Despite being primarily a bowler, in his 109 matches and 52 innings, he has contributed 443 runs, with his highest score being 79*. This indicates his potential as a lower-order hitter.

Most Ducks in IPL – Strategies to Avoid

  • Improving Batting Techniques

Players often work on their batting techniques to reduce the chances of getting out for a duck. This includes working on weaknesses and adapting to different bowlers.

  • Psychological Preparedness

The mental aspect of the game is crucial. Players need to be psychologically prepared to face any bowler under various conditions.


The record of most ducks in IPL history is a testament to the challenging nature of the league. It showcases that even the best can face difficulties, making IPL a highly competitive and unpredictable tournament.

Who has the most ducks in IPL history?

Dinesh Kartik has the most ducks in IPL history, with a total of 17 ducks.

How many half-centuries has Mandeep Singh scored in the IPL?

Mandeep Singh has scored 6 half-centuries in the IPL.

What is the highest score of Sunil Narine in the IPL?

Sunil Narine’s highest score in the IPL is 75.

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