Highest Score in Test Cricket

Highest Scores in Test Cricket

Test cricket, a timeless bastion of the sport, has witnessed awe-inspiring batting displays. This blog explores legendary innings and formidable teams that left an indelible mark on cricket’s history, setting towering benchmarks. One such remarkable moment in cricket’s history occurred in Colombo (RPS) on 2nd August 1997 when Sri Lanka. In an astonishing display of batting prowess, achieved the monumental score of 952/6 against India which is highest score by India in Test. This breathtaking innings not only redefined the boundaries of possibility but also exemplified the indomitable spirit and skill of the Sri Lankan cricketing fraternity.

Highest Team Score in Test Cricket

The record-breaking team score of 952/6 declared by Sri Lanka against India in Colombo on 2nd August 1997 is an epic chapter in the annals of highest Test score cricket. It goes beyond mere statistics, delving into the heart of what makes cricket a sport of immense beauty and drama.

This incredible feat is a testament to the endurance of the Sri Lankan team. It was not just a display of physical stamina but also mental resilience that allowed them to continue batting for such an extended period. To score nearly a thousand runs in a single Test match innings is a remarkable accomplishment that showcases the physical and mental fortitude of the players.

Here are some notable high team scores in Test cricket:

1.Sri Lanka952/6India   Colombo (RPS)02-Aug-1997
2.England903/7AustraliaThe Oval20-Aug-1938
3.England849West IndiesKingston03-Apr-1930
4.West Indies790/3PakistanKingston26-Feb-1958
5.Pakistan765/6Sri LankaKarachi21-Feb-2009

Top 5 Individual Highest Score in Test

PlayerScoreBalls FacedBalls BowledSixesTeamVenuedate
BC Lara400*7785826West IndiesSt John’s10 Apr 2004
ML Hayden38062243711AustraliaPerth09 Oct 2003
BC Lara375766538_West IndiesSt John’s16 Apr 1994
DPMD Jayewardene3747525721Sri LankaColombo (SSC)27 Jul 2006
GS Sobers365*614 _ _West IndiesKingston26 Feb 1958

Highest Individual Score in Test

  1. Brian Lara’s iconic innings of 400* against England in St John’s on April 10, 2004, during Test 1696, is the pinnacle of batting achievements in Test cricket. Lara’s unassailable quadruple century, achieved over 778 balls with 43 boundaries and 4 sixes, not only set a world record but also marked his name indelibly in cricket history. This knock, characterized by a blend of flawless technique and sheer determination, was a statement of Lara’s dominance and a spectacle that redefined the art of batting.
  2. Matthew Hayden’s monumental score of 380 runs against Zimbabwe in Perth on October 9, 2003, during Test 1661, showcases his prowess and aggressive style. Hayden’s innings, filled with 38 boundaries and 11 sixes, was a breathtaking display of power-hitting and resilience, propelling Australia to a commanding position and etching his name among the greats of the game.
  3. Brian Lara, with his majestic 375 against England in St John’s on April 16, 1994, during Test 1259, demonstrated his class and elegance. This innings, where he faced 538 balls and hit 45 boundaries, was a masterclass in batting, blending patience with aggression, and setting a world record that he himself would surpass a decade later.
  4. Mahela Jayewardene’s exquisite innings of 374 runs against South Africa in Colombo (SSC) on July 27, 2006, during Test 1810, is a testament to his technical proficiency and mental fortitude. Facing 572 balls and hitting 43 boundaries and a six, Jayewardene’s innings was a marathon of concentration and skill, underlining his stature in the pantheon of cricketing greats. Mahela Jayewardene Highest Score is one of the best contribute to his team, with 43 boundaries and a six.
  5. Sir Garfield Sobers‘ unbeaten 365 runs against Pakistan in Kingston on February 26, 1958, during Test 450, set a new record for the highest individual score in Test cricket at the time. Sobers’ innings was a masterpiece of batting, showcasing his versatile skill set and extraordinary talent. Although the number of balls faced and the strike rate are not recorded, his 38 boundaries in this innings speak volumes about the dominance and the sublime nature of his batting.

Which is the Highest Score in Test Cricket?

While Sri Lanka’s 952/6 declared stands as the pinnacle of team scores, Brian Lara’s 400* remains the unbeaten summit of individual scoring in the Test arena. These records are not just numbers; they are narratives of human endeavor, skill, and an undying love for the game of cricket.

Which Player has the Highest Score in a Test?

Brian Lara, with his unbeaten 400, holds the title for the highest score by a player in Test cricket. His innings is a source of inspiration, a blend of classical batting and resilience. It’s a score that speaks volumes about Lara’s talent and his ability to dominate the best of bowling attacks.

England Highest score against Australia in Test cricket

On 20th August 1938, at The Oval, England achieved a remarkable team score of 903/7 against Australia. This historic cricket match saw exceptional performances, with England’s batsmen displaying great skill and determination. One can’t help but admire the resilience and excellence shown on that memorable day.

Which Team has the Highest Score in Test?

The Sri Lankan cricket team, with their monumental total of 952/6 declared, holds the record for the highest team score in a Test match. This colossal total was achieved against India in 1997 and remains a high watermark in the annals of Test cricket, showcasing the depth of batting and the strategic acumen of the Sri Lankan side. Other notable high scores include West Indies’ 790/3 declared against Pakistan in 1958 and Pakistan’s 765/6 declared against Sri Lanka in 2009.

What is the Highest Score in Test Cricket?

The highest scores in Test cricket, both in terms of team totals and individual brilliance, transcend the realm of mere statistics; they embody the very essence of what makes cricket a sport of limitless possibilities. Sri Lanka’s monumental team total of 952/6 declared against India in Colombo in 1997 is a testament to the heights that collective effort and strategy can reach in this sport. It wasn’t just a numerical achievement; it was a symphony of teamwork, endurance, and unwavering focus. This record reminds us that when a group of individuals comes together with a shared goal and a relentless spirit, they can achieve the extraordinary.


The achievements of the highest scorers in Test cricket, whether as individuals or teams, loom large in the world of sports. They serve as a testament to the sport’s storied history, the unwavering commitment of cricketers to excel, and the immense joy it brings to countless fans worldwide. As cricket evolves, these records will serve as an enduring source of inspiration for the next generation of players, urging them to stretch the limits of what can be achieved on the cricket field.

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