Lowest Test Score | New Zealand’s 26 against England

Lowest Test Score

Test cricket, known for its strategic depth and endurance challenges, often brings out the best in teams and players. However, even the mightiest can sometimes falter, leading to some unexpectedly low scores. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of the lowest test score, focusing on general records and India’s particular lows.

What’s the Lowest Test Score Ever?

Throughout the rich history of test cricket, there have been moments that teams would prefer to forget. The title for the lowest test score ever is a dubious distinction that no team wants. However, it’s an integral part of cricket history. The lowest test innings score ever recorded was by New Zealand against England in 1955 when they were bowled out for a mere 26 runs. This match remains a stark reminder of how unpredictable the sport of cricket can be.

Top 5 Lowest score in cricket history

  1. Zimbabwe’s Struggle at Harare (2004): Zimbabwe faced a tough time on their home ground in Harare in 2004, scoring only 35 runs in 18 overs against Sri Lanka. This match is remembered for the team’s struggle to build partnerships, facing a strong Sri Lankan bowling attack that dismantled their lineup efficiently.
  2. USA’s Challenging Day at Kirtipur (2020): The USA cricket team had a rough outing against Nepal in Kirtipur in 2020, managing to score just 35 runs in 12 overs. The match highlighted the team’s difficulties in adapting to the conditions and the Nepalese bowlers’ dominance on their home turf.
  3. Canada’s Tough Innings at Paarl (2003): Canada faced a formidable Sri Lankan bowling lineup at Paarl in 2003, scoring only 36 runs in 18.4 overs. The Canadian batsmen struggled to handle the Sri Lankan bowlers’ skill and precision, marking a challenging day for the team.
  4. Zimbabwe’s Hard Time in Colombo (2001): During a match in Colombo in 2001, Zimbabwe was bowled out for just 38 runs in 15.4 overs, again facing Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan bowlers showcased their prowess, making it a tough day for the Zimbabwean batsmen, who struggled to cope with the bowling attack.
  5. Sri Lanka’s Low Score at Paarl (2012): Sri Lanka, usually known for their strong batting, faced a setback in 2012 when they were bowled out for 43 runs in 20.1 overs against South Africa at Paarl. This performance was uncharacteristic of the Sri Lankan team, known for their resilience and batting strength.

What’s the Lowest Test Innings Score?

When discussing the lowest test innings score, it’s crucial to note that this record is not isolated to one team or era. Several teams have had their share of dismal performances. Apart from New Zealand’s 26 against England, other teams like South Africa have been all out for 30 runs on two separate occasions, and once, even India was dismissed for 42 runs against England in 1974, a score that haunted Indian cricket for years.

Sri Lanka’s Low Score at Paarl (2012): Sri Lanka, usually known for their strong batting, faced a setback in 2012 when they were bowled out for 43 runs in 20.1 overs against South Africa at Paarl. This performance was uncharacteristic of the Sri Lankan team, known for their resilience and batting strength.

Lowest score by South Africa in Test cricket

South Africa, since their readmission to Test cricket in 1991, has had a generally successful run, often commanding respect in the international cricketing arena. However, like all cricketing nations, they’ve experienced their share of batting collapses. One of their notably low scores post-readmission came in February 2019, when they were bowled out for just 73 runs against Sri Lanka in Durban. This match is a poignant reminder of the game’s unpredictability, where even the strongest teams can be humbled. The Proteas’ journey post-readmission reflects both their resilience and the inherent challenges of the sport, showcasing the highs and lows that make cricket the enthralling spectacle it is

What is India’s Lowest Score in Test?

Indian cricket, with its illustrious history, has had its share of highs and lows. Speaking of the lows, India’s lowest score in test cricket is a heart-wrenching 36 runs against Australia in 2020. This match, part of the Border- Gavaskar Trophy, saw the Indian batting lineup crumble against the Australian pace attack. This score replaced India’s previous low of 42 against England in 1974 and serves as a stark reminder of the game’s unpredictability.

Who Scored the Slowest 100 in Test?

Mudassar Nazar of Pakistan etched his name in cricket history with a display of extraordinary patience and determination during the Test match against England in Lahore, 1977. He took a monumental 557 minutes, almost 9 hours and 17 minutes, to craft his century, facing 449 balls in the process. This painstaking innings not only set the record for the slowest century in the history of Test cricket but also exemplified the endurance and resilience that the format demands. Nazar’s methodical approach to his 114-run innings is a testament to the mental fortitude and strategic depth that test cricket celebrates, marking it as a unique milestone in the annals of the sport.

India’s Lowest Score in Test: A Closer Look

India’s record-low test cricket score of 36 against Australia in 2020 calls for a detailed look. This surprising score came about during a game at the Adelaide Oval, a renowned cricket ground. Remarkably, not a single player from the Indian team managed to score 10 runs or more, which is quite unusual in cricket. The Indian innings came to a quick close, lasting only 21.2 overs, which is quite short for a test match inning.

Australian bowlers Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins played a significant role in this, skillfully dismantling the Indian batting order. This unexpected outcome left both cricket enthusiasts and experts astonished, as India has a long-standing reputation for its strong batting line-up. The event underscores cricket’s unpredictable nature and reminds us that even the most skilled teams can encounter tough situations. It’s a moment that reflects the thrilling unpredictability and the highs and lows that come with the sport of cricket.


The saga of the lowest test score serves as a compelling chapter in the annals of cricket, vividly illustrating the unpredictability and sheer drama of the sport. These records, while not coveted, are a testament to the game’s challenging nature and the unyielding spirit of teams and players who brave the crease. From New Zealand’s unforgettable 26 to India’s recent struggle at 36, these scores remind us that cricket is not just about soaring highs but also about handling the unexpected lows with grace and grit. Like the Lowest Score in IPL History“, which all contribute to the rich tapestry of cricket.

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