Lowest Score in IPL History – RCB (Latest Updated)

Lowest Score in IPL History

Cricket, especially the Indian Premier League (IPL), is known for its high-scoring matches and thrilling action. However, an equally intriguing aspect of the game is when teams end up recording exceptionally low scores. In this post, we explore the “lowest score in IPL,” delving into some of the most unforgettable matches.

The Unwanted Record

The lowest score in IPL history is a record that no team aspires to hold. It reflects a day when the batsmen failed to counter the opposition’s bowling attack, leading to an unexpectedly low total. Let’s have a look at the top 5 lowest scores in IPL.

Top 5 lowest score in IPL

TeamTotal ScoreIn OversOppositionYearLocation
Bangalore499.4vs. Kolkata2017Kolkata
Rajasthan5815.1vs. Bangalore2009Cape Town
Rajasthan5910.3vs. Bangalore2023Jaipur
Delhi6613.4vs. Mumbai2017Delhi
Delhi6717.1vs. Punjab2017Mohali

Bangalore’s Lowest IPL Score

In 2017, Bangalore experienced a dramatic collapse against Kolkata. Scoring only 49 in 9.4 overs, this game is remembered for its extraordinary bowling from Kolkata and the unexpected failure of Bangalore’s strong batting lineup. The match, held in Kolkata, is often cited as a prime example of how a game can turn on its head. If you are an RCB fan, you can also learn more interesting facts like RCB highest score in IPL.

Rajasthan’s Cape Town Challenge

Rajasthan’s struggle in the 2009 IPL saw them post just 58 runs in 15.1 overs against Bangalore in Cape Town. This match is a testament to Bangalore’s effective bowling and Rajasthan’s inability to adapt to the challenging conditions in Cape Town, leading to one of their lowest totals in IPL history.

Rajasthan’s Low in Jaipur

Again facing Bangalore, this time in 2023 in Jaipur, Rajasthan managed only 59 runs in 10.3 overs. This match echoed Rajasthan’s previous difficulties against the same opponent, highlighting the team’s inconsistency and struggles in adapting their strategy under pressure. Also, you will learn more facts about IPL like Lowest scores defended in IPL.

Delhi’s Struggle at Home Against Mumbai

Delhi, playing in their home ground in 2017, could only score 66 runs in 13.4 overs against Mumbai. Mumbai’s bowling dominated the match, overwhelming Delhi’s batsmen in a high-pressure situation. This match underlines the intense competitiveness of the IPL.

Delhi’s Difficult Outing in Mohali

In the same season, Delhi faced another challenging game against Punjab in Mohali, scoring a mere 67 runs in 17.1 overs. This match highlighted Delhi’s season-long struggles, particularly in adapting their batting strategy against different teams and conditions.

Analyzing the Causes

  • Exceptional Bowling: Often, these low scores result from extraordinary bowling performances, where bowlers dominate the game.
  • Batting Failures: Sometimes, it’s a case of collective batting failure, where even the best batsmen struggle to score runs.


Cricket’s unpredictability is evident in top 5 lowest scores in IPL. These scores highlight the challenges teams face and the impact of skilled bowling. They remind us that even strong teams have difficult days, emphasizing the need for adaptability and resilience in competitive sports.

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