Highest Total In ODI Cricket History – England

Highest Total In ODI Cricket History

In the electrifying world of One Day International cricket, scoring runs is not just a part of the game; it’s a spectacle. Among these high-scoring showdowns, one match stands out, etching its name in history as the highest total in ODI cricket. In this post, we explore the Highest Total In ODI,” delving into some of the most unforgettable matches.

Top 5 Highest Totals in ODI Cricket

TeamScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch Date
England498/450.09.961v NetherlandsAmstelveen17 Jun 2022
England481/650.09.621v AustraliaNottingham19 Jun 2018
England444/350.08.881v PakistanNottingham30 Aug 2016
Sri Lanka443/950.08.861v NetherlandsAmstelveen4 Jul 2006
South Africa439/250.08.781v West IndiesJohannesburg18 Jan 2015

England’s Record-Breaking Feat in Amstelveen

In June 2022, England cricket team created history by scoring a mammoth 498/4 in a 50-over match against the Netherlands. This game, played in Amstelveen, marked the highest ever total in ODI cricket history. England’s explosive batting performance set a new benchmark in the world of cricket. If you are a cricket enthusiast, let’s have a look at Largest Run Victory In ODI.

England’s Dominance Against Australia in Nottingham

Another noteworthy performance by England came in June 2018 when they scored an impressive 481/6 against Australia. This match played at the iconic Nottingham ground, showcased England’s batting strength, solidifying their position as one of the top-scoring teams in ODI cricket.

England’s Consistent High Scoring in ODI Cricket

Continuing their trend of high scores, England had previously scored 444/3 in August 2016 against Pakistan, again in Nottingham. This match further cemented England’s reputation for setting high-scoring targets in the one-day format.

Sri Lanka’s Remarkable Innings in Amstelveen

Sri Lanka also made their mark in ODI history by scoring 443/9 in July 2006 against the Netherlands. This match, played in Amstelveen, was a testament to Sri Lanka’s batting capabilities and remains one of the highest scores in ODIs.

South Africa’s Impressive Total Against West Indies

In January 2015, South Africa demonstrated their batting prowess by scoring 439/2 against West Indies in Johannesburg. This high score is a significant achievement in ODI cricket, showcasing South Africa’s ability to amass large totals.


The highest total in ODI cricket is not just a number. It’s a story of human skill, evolving strategies, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. These records are not just milestones but markers of the ever-changing, ever-thrilling nature of cricket.

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