lowest powerplay score in IPL

lowest powerplay score in IPL

Get ready, cricket aficionados, as we journey through IPL’s history and uncover the record-breaking lowest powerplay score ever witnessed. In a league characterized by big hitters and edge-of-your-seat finishes, it’s intriguing to examine those rare moments when the best-laid plans go awry. So, without further ado, let’s explore the captivating story of the lowest score in IPL powerplay, delving into the match details and circumstances that paved the way for this extraordinary event. Let’s have look below to know more about the lowest powerplay score in IPL. You can also learn more here about IPL records like best spinners in IPL and MS Dhoni Highest Score in IPL.

The Unforgettable Encounter: Lowest Powerplay Score in IPL History

  • The Battling Sides, the Setting, and the High Stakes

The record for the lowest powerplay score in IPL was set during a faceoff between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the 2017 Indian Premier League. With both teams vying for a spot in the playoffs, tensions were high, and every run counted.

  • lowest powerplay by Sunrisers Hyderabad

In 2022, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) had a hard start against Rajasthan Royals, tying the lowest IPL score in the first six overs. They needed 211 runs to win but struggled on a tricky pitch. Captain Kane Williamson tried to lead, but Trent Boult and Prasidh Krishna’s bowling was too tough. Boult took 1 wicket for 8 runs and Krishna got 2 for 2, stopping SRH’s early efforts to chase the score.

  • A Batting Catastrophe Like No Other

In an unexpected turn of events, RCB’s formidable batting lineup crumbled spectacularly. During the powerplay—the first six overs of the innings—RCB managed to scrape together a meager 35 runs while losing five wickets. This disastrous performance etched their names in IPL history as the team with the lowest score in powerplay.

Contributing Factors to the Batting Fiasco

Contributing Factors to the Batting Fiasco

A confluence of factors led to RCB’s abysmal showing that day:

  • KKR’s Remarkable Bowling: The Knight Riders’ fastest bowler in IPL meticulously executed their strategies, maintaining constant pressure on RCB’s batsmen and reaping the rewards.
  • Ill-advised Shot Selection: RCB’s batsmen faltered in their decision-making, leading to their rapid downfall.
  • Unforgiving Playing Conditions: The pitch heavily favored bowlers, making life difficult for the batsmen in that fateful encounter.

A Look Back at Other Notable Low Powerplay Scores in IPL

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Rajasthan Royals, 2022 – In their first game of the 2022 season, SRH tied the record for the lowest score in the IPL’s first six overs against Rajasthan Royals. They were trying to score 211 runs on a difficult, green pitch with a team that didn’t have much experience. Under Captain Kane Williamson’s leadership, SRH found it hard to score runs because of the excellent bowling by Trent Boult and Prasidh Krishna, who made the ball move a lot on the pitch. Boult and Krishna both bowled during these early overs, with figures of 1 for 8 and 2 for 2, making it very hard for SRH to get a good start.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Mumbai Indians, 2018 – In this match, Sunrisers Hyderabad struggled to score, managing just 46 runs during the powerplay and losing three wickets along the way. Mumbai Indians’ Mayank Markande shone brightly, claiming two crucial wickets and contributing to their opponents’ downfall.

Rajasthan Royals vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2009 – During this clash in Cape Town, Rajasthan Royals were restricted to a dismal 58 runs in the powerplay. RCB’s bowlers, spearheaded by Praveen Kumar and Anil Kumble, tore through the opposition’s batting lineup, setting the stage for a comfortable victory.

Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

As the Indian Premier League progresses, it’s essential to acknowledge and learn from the past, including those instances where teams faltered under pressure. While the record for the lowest powerplay score in IPL history may not be a proud moment for the teams involved, it serves as a reminder of the intensity and competitiveness that the league embodies.

The IPL is a thrilling tournament that keeps fans on their toes with its unpredictability. As the league continues to evolve, we can expect to see more records shattered and new milestones achieved. But until then, let’s appreciate the memories of the lowest score in powerplay in IPL and the rollercoaster of emotions that this incredible game of cricket offers to fans worldwide.

The Importance of Adapting to Changing Game Dynamics

As the game of cricket progresses and strategies evolve, it is crucial for teams to adapt and learn from their past experiences. The lowest powerplay score in IPL history is a prime example of how even the strongest lineups can succumb to the pressure of high-stakes matches. Teams must analyze their performances, pinpoint areas of improvement, and make necessary adjustments to ensure success on the field.

Strategies for Success in Powerplay Overs

  • Calculated Aggression: While it’s essential to capitalize on the powerplay, batsmen must also strike a balance between aggression and sensible shot selection.
  • Assessing Pitch Conditions: Teams should quickly adapt to the conditions and formulate a game plan that complements the pitch’s behavior.
  • Strong Opening Partnerships: Building a solid foundation with a strong opening partnership can set the tone for the rest of the innings.

The Unpredictable Nature of Cricket

Cricket, like life, is full of surprises. The IPL has time and again proven that even the most skilled players can face difficulties and setbacks. The lowest powerplay score in IPL history is a testament to this fact, reminding us that anything can happen on the cricket field. As fans, it’s essential to embrace these moments and appreciate the excitement they bring to the game.

What is the lowest powerplay score in IPL history?

The lowest powerplay score in IPL history stands at 35/5, achieved by Royal Challengers Bangalore against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2017.


In conclusion, the record for the lowest powerplay score in IPL history serves as a reminder that cricket is a game filled with uncertainties and surprises. As we continue to enjoy the high-scoring encounters and last-ball thrillers, it’s essential to remember these rare moments of struggle, which make the IPL a riveting tournament for fans around the globe. As the league grows and evolves, we can expect more records to be broken and new benchmarks to be set. But for now, let’s cherish the memories of the lowest score in IPL powerplay and the emotional rollercoaster that the beautiful game of cricket provides.

Which teams participated in the match featuring the lowest score in powerplay in IPL?

The match featuring the lowest score in IPL powerplay was contested between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders.

When did the match with the lowest score in IPL powerplay take place?

The record-breaking match occurred during the 2017 edition of the Indian Premier League.

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