Fastest Century In T20I Cricket – Kushal Malla (Latest Updated)

fastest century in T20I cricket

T20 International Cricket, celebrated for its rapid pace and dynamic performances, has witnessed extraordinary records. Among these, the achievement of the “Fastest Century in T20 International Cricket” stands as a testament to exceptional batting prowess.

The Significance of Scoring Fast in T20

In T20 cricket, scoring a century, particularly at a swift pace, is a remarkable feat. It demonstrates a batsman’s skill, adaptability, and capacity to thrive under pressure.

Key Factors in Achieving Fast Centuries

  • Batting Position: Top-order batsmen often have more opportunities for scoring centuries.
  • Pitch Conditions: Favorable conditions can facilitate faster scoring.
  • Opposition Bowling: Facing a less challenging bowling attack can assist in quick scoring.

Top 5 Fastest Centuries in T20 Cricket

Here’s a look at the record-holders for the fastest centuries in T20 International Cricket:

Kushal Malla34Nepal v MongoliaHangzhou27/09/2023
DA Miller35South Africa v BangladeshPotchefstroom29/10/2017
RG Sharma35India v Sri LankaIndore22/12/2017
S Wickramasekara35Czech Republic v TurkeyIlfov County30/08/2019
S Periyalwar39Romania v TurkeyIlfov County29/08/2019

Kushal Malla’s Record-Breaking Century

In a display of exceptional batting prowess, Kushal Malla from Nepal set an extraordinary record in T20 International Cricket. On September 27, 2023, in a match against Mongolia at Hangzhou, Malla reached his century in a mere 34 balls. This feat not only marked him as a formidable batsman in the T20 format but also brought significant attention to Nepal’s growing cricket talent. Malla’s innings were characterized by aggressive shot selection and remarkable hand-eye coordination, making it a memorable moment in T20 cricket history.

DA Miller’s Lightning-Fast Century

South African batsman DA Miller etched his name in the annals of cricket history with a blistering century against Bangladesh. On October 29, 2017, in Potchefstroom, Miller reached his hundred in just 35 balls. Known for his powerful hitting and fearless approach, Miller’s innings was a spectacle of sheer dominance and skill. His rapid century not only propelled South Africa’s innings but also left the cricketing world in awe of his explosive batting style.

RG Sharma’s Electrifying Knock

Indian cricket star Rohit Sharma, known for his elegant stroke play, achieved a remarkable feat against Sri Lanka in Indore on December 22, 2017. Sharma scored his century in 35 balls, showcasing a blend of technical prowess and aggressive batting. This performance underlined his status as one of the finest T20 batsmen, capable of accelerating the innings with ease and flair. Sharma’s century was pivotal in setting a commanding total for India and demonstrated his ability to dominate the T20 format.

S Wickramasekara’s Astounding Century

S Wickramasekara of the Czech Republic delivered an unforgettable innings against Turkey in Ilfov County on August 30, 2019. Matching the 35-ball century record, Wickramasekara’s knock was a testament to his batting caliber in the T20 arena. His rapid century was marked by an array of powerful shots and strategic placements, highlighting his ability to adapt and excel in the fast-paced format of the game. This performance put Wickramasekara in the spotlight and underscored the growing competitiveness in international T20 cricket.

S Periyalwar’s Impressive Hundred

Romania’s S Periyalwar made his mark in T20 cricket with a phenomenal century against Turkey in Ilfov County on August 29, 2019. Achieving the milestone in just 39 balls, Periyalwar’s innings was a blend of aggression and precision. His rapid scoring played a crucial role in shaping the match’s outcome, showcasing his talent as a batsman capable of changing the game’s dynamics. This century not only highlighted Periyalwar’s individual brilliance but also brought attention to Romania’s presence in the international cricket scene.

Analyzing the Art of Scoring Fast Centuries

The record for the “Fastest Century in T20” is a blend of aggressive batting, strategic acumen, and mental toughness. Players achieving this have demonstrated exceptional hand-eye coordination and decision-making under pressure.

Strategies for Quick Scoring

  • Aggressive Shot Selection: Choosing the right balls to attack.
  • Mental Resilience: Staying focused amidst the high-paced game.
  • Physical Fitness: Maintaining stamina and strength throughout the innings.

The Impact of a Fast Century on the Game

A quick century in T20 cricket can dramatically alter the course of a match. It not only propels the team’s score but can also psychologically unsettle the opposition.

Influence on Team Strategies

  • Setting High Targets: Aids in setting challenging scores for the opposition.
  • Momentum Shifts: Can turn the game in critical moments.


The “Fastest Century in T20 International Cricket” showcases how T20 cricket has evolved, bringing innovative batting techniques and strategies to the forefront. The players who have achieved this feat have not only set personal benchmarks but have also significantly contributed to the sport’s excitement and global appeal.

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