Top 5 Batsmen with Most 90s in ODI Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar

Top 5 Batsmen with Most 90s in ODI Cricket

ODI cricket is a game of nerves and precision. One of the most significant achievements for any batsman in this format is to score in the 90s. However, crossing this mark and converting it into a century is a testament to a player’s skill and mental strength. This blog delves into the top 5 batsmen who have mastered this art and have the most 90s in their ODI careers.

Understanding the Significance of 90s in ODI Cricket

Scoring in the 90s in ODI cricket is both an honor and a challenge. It reflects consistency and prowess but also brings a pressure-cooker situation where every run is crucial. The batsmen with most 90s in ODI cricket are those who frequently knock on the door of a century but sometimes fall just short of the milestone. Let’s have a look at top 5 batsmen with the most 90’s

Top 5 Batsmen with Most 90s in ODI

PlayerSpanMatchesInningsNot OutRunsHighest ScoreAverage100s50s90s
SR Tendulkar (IND)1989-20124634524118426200*44.83499618
KS Williamson (NZ)2010-202316515717681014848.6413459
GW Flower (ZIM)1992-2010221214186571142*33.526409
NJ Astle (NZ)1995-2007223217147090145*34.9216419
PA de Silva (SL)1984-200330829630928414534.9011649

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Sachin Tendulkar often hailed as the ‘God of Cricket‘, redefined batting standards in ODIs. His career, spanning over two decades, was characterized by numerous record-breaking performances. Sachin Tendulkar’s 18 scores in the 90s epitomize the thin line between glory and near-miss in cricket. These instances signify not only his prolific scoring ability but also the psychological pressure and bad luck associated with the nervous nineties. Despite his mastery, Tendulkar, like many greats, occasionally faced the misfortune of missing a century by a whisker.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

Kane Williamson, known for his technical proficiency and calm demeanor, has been a linchpin of the New Zealand batting lineup. Williamson’s 9 scores in the 90s highlight the mental challenges even elite batsmen face. This phase, often seen as a jinx, underscores the intense psychological pressure in approaching a century. Williamson’s encounters with this unlucky phase demonstrate the unpredictability and mental fortitude required in high-level cricket.

Grant Flower (Zimbabwe)

Grant Flower’s career, marked by 9 scores in the 90s, illustrates the sport’s unpredictability and the mental barriers players often encounter. Flower’s experiences in the nineties reflect a common theme in cricket – the blend of bad luck and psychological pressure that transforms a promising inning into a near-miss.

Nathan Astle (New Zealand)

Nathan Astle’s nine 90s underscore the mental challenges in cricket. These instances reflect not just bad luck but also the immense psychological pressure faced by batsmen close to a century, highlighting the game’s unpredictability.

Aravinda de Silva (Sri Lanka)

Aravinda de Silva’s career, marked by nine 90s, illustrates the mental hurdles and the element of misfortune in cricket. His near-centuries show the psychological strength required to navigate high-pressure situations in ODI matches.

The Psychology Behind Falling Short of a Century

Falling short of a century in the 90s can be attributed to various factors, including psychological pressure, fatigue, or simply bad luck. It’s a moment where a single mistake can overshadow an otherwise stellar performance.


The top 5 batsmen with most 90s in ODI cricket are a testament to the thrilling nature of the game. Their ability to consistently reach the 90s but sometimes miss the century mark adds an unpredictable and exciting element to ODI cricket.

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