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T20 cricket, renowned for its high-octane action and nail-biting finishes, has been a platform for some of the most remarkable achievements in the sport. Among these, the largest run victories are a spectacle of dominance, skill, and cricketing strategy. In this article, we explore the unforgettable matches that set the records for the “Largest Run Victory in T20.”

Understanding Run Victories in T20

Run victories in T20 cricket are a true indicator of a team’s overwhelming performance. Unlike the nail-biting finishes that are often a hallmark of the format, these victories are about comprehensive dominance, where one team outshines the other in all departments – be it batting, bowling, or fielding. Also, let’s have a look at the largest run victory in ODI.

top 5 teams with largest run victories

WinnerMarginTargetOversOppositionGroundMatch Date
Nepal273 runs31513.1v MongoliaHangzhou27 Sep 2023
Czech Rep.257 runs2798.3v TurkeyIlfov County30 Aug 2019
Canada208 runs24617.2v PanamaCoolidge14 Nov 2021
Malaysia194 runs26920.0v ThailandHangzhou2 Oct 2023
Tanzania184 runs21912.3v CameroonKigali9 Dec 2022

Nepal’s Historic Triumph Against Mongolia

On 27th September 2023, Nepal cricket team redefined dominance in T20 cricket with an astonishing 273-run victory over Mongolia in Hangzhou. This match, marked as one of the largest run victories in T20 history, saw Nepal amassing a formidable target of 315 runs.

The Nepalese bowlers then showcased exceptional skill, wrapping up the Mongolian side in just 13.1 overs. This monumental victory not only etched Nepal’s name in the cricketing annals but also highlighted their rising stature in international cricket.

Czech Republic’s Commanding Win Over Turkey

The Czech Republic’s cricket team etched their name in history on 30th August 2019 with a staggering 257-run win against Turkey at Ilfov County. Setting a mammoth target of 279, the Czech team demonstrated a perfect blend of aggressive batting and strategic bowling. Their victory in just 8.3 overs stands as a testament to their prowess in T20 cricket, marking one of the most dominant performances in the shorter format of the game.

Canada’s Remarkable Victory Against Panama

Canada’s cricket team showcased their might in T20 cricket with a resounding 208-run victory over Panama on 14th November 2021 in Coolidge. The Canadians, after setting a challenging 246 runs, displayed a masterclass in both batting and bowling. Their ability to wrap up the Panamanian team in 17.2 overs underlines their efficiency and adaptability in T20 cricket, marking them as a formidable force in the international arena.

Malaysia’s Dominant Performance Against Thailand

Malaysia displayed remarkable skill in T20 cricket with a 194-run win against Thailand in Hangzhou on 2nd October 2023. Their powerful batting and strategic bowling shone, proving their strength in the international T20 arena.

Tanzania’s Decisive Triumph Over Cameroon

Tanzania achieved a commanding 184-run victory over Cameroon in Kigali on 9th December 2022. Their solid performance, both in batting and bowling, underlined their growing prowess in T20 cricket.


These largest run victories in T20 cricket are a testament to the evolving nature of the game, where teams continuously strive to outdo each other, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the cricket field. As fans of this thrilling format, we can look forward to more such spectacular displays of cricketing prowess in the years to come.

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