Fastest Ball in IPL History – Shaun Tait (Latest Updated)

Fastest Ball in Ipl History (1)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has consistently been a showcase of extraordinary cricketing talent. Among the most electrifying aspects of the game is the pace at which bowlers deliver the ball. This blog delves into the history of the IPL to unearth the “Fastest ball in IPL history.”

The Strategic Importance of Speed in T20 Cricket

In T20 cricket, like in the IPL, the game’s fast pace makes speed a key factor. Fast bowlers, who can bowl really quick, put pressure on batsmen. They make it tough for batsmen to score freely and can cause them to make errors. The faster the ball, the less time the batsman has to think and hit it properly.

This makes accuracy and timing a big challenge. Having bowlers who can consistently bowl fast in a team is a big advantage in the IPL, where every game is super competitive. If you are an ipl enthusiast, then you will like this fastest bowler in Ipl.

Top 5 Fastest Balls in IPL

The table below lists the top 5 fastest deliveries in IPL history:

RankBowlerSpeed (km/h)YearOpponent
1Shaun Tait157.712011Delhi Daredevils
2Lockie Ferguson157.32022Rajasthan Royals
3Umran Malik1572022Delhi Capitals
4Anrich Nortje156.222020Rajasthan Royals
5Umran Malik1562022Delhi Capitals

Shaun Tait ( Rajasthan Royals)

Shaun Tait, the Australian speedster, tops the list with a scorching delivery of 157.71 km/h in 2011, playing for Rajasthan Royals against Delhi Daredevils. This delivery not only set the record for the “fastest ball in IPL history” but also showcased Tait’s exceptional pace skill, making it a memorable moment in IPL.

Lockie Ferguson (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Close on Tait’s heels is New Zealand’s Lockie Ferguson, who thundered a delivery at 157.3 km/h in the 2022 IPL. Playing for Kolkata Knight Riders, Ferguson’s speed demon delivery etched his name in IPL’s fastest bowling feats, demonstrating the rising pace standards in the league.

Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad)

Indian pacer Umran Malik made headlines in 2022 for his blistering pace, clocking 157 km/h while playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad. His entry into the top fastest balls in IPL is a testament to the increasing pace prowess of Indian fast bowlers in the league.

Anrich Nortje (Delhi Capitals)

South African fast bowler Anrich Nortje, representing Delhi Capitals, bowled a fiery spell in 2020, peaking at 156.22 km/h. This delivery not only marked him as one of the fastest in IPL but also emphasized the high-caliber international talent gracing the league.

Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad)

Again featuring in the list, Umran Malik’s second entry, a 156 km/h delivery for Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2022, reiterates his exceptional speed and potential. His consistent performance with high-velocity deliveries marks a significant milestone for fast bowling in IPL.

Fast Bowling as a Spectacle

From a spectator’s perspective, fast bowling is one of the most thrilling aspects of cricket. Watching a bowler run at full steam and deliver a lightning-fast ball that beats the bat or crashes into the stumps is a spectacle in itself. It adds to the intensity and excitement of the game, making it more engaging for the audience.


the IPL’s history of fast bowling is marked by exhilarating performances, with Shaun Tait’s 157.71 km/h delivery leading as the “Fastest ball in IPL history.” This remarkable feat, along with others by bowlers like Lockie Ferguson and Umran Malik, underlines the thrilling pace and competitiveness of the IPL.

As cricket continues to evolve, these records not only symbolize speed and skill but also inspire future generations of fast bowlers, promising even more exciting cricketing action in the IPL’s upcoming seasons.

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